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Driving directions from Komatipoort Border Post

After passing through the second tollgate, turn your trip meter to zero, drive 33kms towards Xai-Xai. Turn right into Marracuene, drive towards the river and cross the bridge to Macaneta. Toll fees of 50 meticais (normal vehicles) are payable at the Macaneta side and again on your return, before you cross the bridge.. Drive approximately 6kms until you get to a T-junction, turn right and drive approximately another 2kms until you find a boat on the left hand side. Deflate tires to 1 bar and continue for another 1.3kms where you'll turn left into the resort.


Lugar do Mar is situated on the beautiful Macaneta , only 35kms north of Maputo in the unspoilt and nature rich area of Marracuene. The peninsula is bordered by the Nkomati River and the Indian Ocean , offering you the best of two worlds. You'll find the tropical beaches that stretch for approximately 50kms most welcoming.


The climate varies in the different regions of the country, but generally the inland areas are slightly cooler, although more humid than along the coast in the rainy season. Winter is the dry season lasting from April to September, and is the best time to visit the country. The southern parts of the country are generally drier and less tropical than the north, with temperatures along the coast averaging 80ºF (27ºC). The rainy season coincides with the heat and humidity from October to March, with average coastal temperatures of 88ºF (31ºC).

Special requirements

Foreign passports require a visa.

All vehicle/trailer/motorcycle/boat documentation have to be obtained from the Financial Institution. Please make the necessary arrangements with your insurance provider with regards to crossing the border. The Mozambique triangle needs to be displayed on the right front of the vehicle and on the right back of a trailer when towing (fine - 1 million Meticais). 2 reflective jackets and 2 reflective triangles to be in the vehicle at all times. Please be sure to wear your seat belt at all times (front and back). Another tip would be to fill up on petrol since fuel may become scarce during the holiday season.

Third party insurance is available at the SASOL Garage, Komatipoort or from various insurance company offices at the border.

Exchange rand into meticais at SASOL Garage, Komatipoort.

The toll fees on the road between the border and Marracuene turn off is 135 meticais currently.

Follow the directions according to the map or contact us on +258840260409 or +27823789870. Reduce tire pressure for driving on sand (1 bar).

Ice, beer, cold drinks, water, bread and charcoal is available on the island.

Malaria: Please contact your physician regarding the necessary precautions.

Portuguese Phrases

  • Good morning: Bom dia

  • Good afternoon: Boa tarde

  • Good night: Boa noite

  • Goodbye: Adeus

  • Please: Por favor

  • Thank you: Obrigado/s OBRIGADO/A

  • How are you?: Como esta?

  • I don't understand: Neo Comprendo NAO COMPREENDO

  • What's your name?: Como se chama?

  • Yes: Sim

  • No: No

  • Ladies toilet: Senhores SENHORAS

  • Men's toilet: Senhors  SENHORES

  • Market: Mercedo MERCADO

  • Bank: Banco

  • House: Casa

  • Danger: Perigo

  • Journey: Viagem

  • Road: Nua  RUA

  • The hill : Quanto THE BILL  CONTA

  • Water: Aqua AGUA

  • Beer: Cerveja

  • Petrol: Gasoline GASOLINA

  • Bread: Pao

  • Friend: Amigo or AMIGA for a woman

  • Fish: Peixe

  • Meat: Carne

  • Potato: Patata

  • Fresh: Fresco

  • Coffee: Um cafe

  • Not “the hill”, but “the bill”.

Should you require any further information, please don't hesitate to give us a call. We trust that you'll enjoy your holiday with us.

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